18 Thoughts to “SharePoint: Security Token Service is not available”

  1. Good Day,

    I am also having this issue on my prod environment farm. I have multiple servers. Should I run this script on all the servers? Also, May I please have the web.config file? Should I also put that on all the servers?


    1. Hi Zamo,
      This script is to be run on the Server which needs a repair on STS.
      If all Servers have the same issue, then please run on all Servers in the Farm
      If you are not sure if the Server has a broken STS, then there is no harm in running this even on a healthy Server. May I know which Farm is this, SP2010 or SP2013, depending on that I’ll send you the web.config file. And remember to take good backups of your existing STS web.config file

  2. $host is a reserved variable in PowerShell. The screenshot uses $h, the text uses $host which will not work if simply copy and pasted.

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